Manual Oil Transmission Pump Changer

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Transmission oil pump plus 13 adapters.

For filling gears and differentials and transfercases with oil.

With return function for g-earbox with overflow filling opening.

The g-earbox is filled with the pump.

If too much filled oil runs after switching, the pump unit back into the can of the filling system back.



Material: plastics + steel

Bucket capacity: 7.5L

Hose length: approx. 1.5m / 4.92ft(Ø 1/2in)

Oil bucket: 410 * 240mm / 16.14 * 9.45in

Tool case: 225 * 200 * 50mm / 8.86 * 7.87 * 1.97in

Package weight: 4.62kg / 10.19lb

Package size: 430 * 300 * 270mm / 16.93 * 11.81 * 10.63in

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