Smoke and Carbone monoxide detector : Rechargeable and Portable

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This is a detector that uses an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor, the most accurate carbon monoxide sensor available today. Compared with common electrochemical techniques, this latest technology features higher precision, lower power consumption and longer service life. This battery smoke detector is suitable for indoor places such as villas, factories, shopping malls, warehouses, office buildings, etc.



Do not install the smoke co detector in the following locations:


  • Places where smoke is normally trapped
  • Locations with relative humidity greater than 95%
  • Locations with large dust, water mist and oil mist pollution
  • Locations with high wind speed (greater than 5 m/s)

Installation Steps:


Insert the battery into the compartment correctly according to the indication.

Choose the right location, which is usually center of ceiling in the detection space.(Use recommened in bedroom, hallway, basement, car or anywhere people stay for a long time.)

Secure the detector base to the selected mounting position with the mounting screws.


Smoke and CO Detector Protection Area:


When the detected space mesures 6 meters to 12 meters in height, the protection area reaches generally 80 square meters;

When the detected space mesures below 6 meters in height, the protection area is 60 square meters.


Specifications :

Power supply:3*1.5v AA battery

Static current:<80uA

Alarm current:<30mA

Alarm voice:smart human voice prompt

Sensor:electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor and infrared photoelectric sensor

Working Temperature:0-50°C

Relative Humidity:10-95%

Carbon monoxide sensor detect concentration:000-999PPM

Smoke sensor sensitive:0.1db/m-9.9%db/m

Alarm indication:LCD display,light/sound prompt

Battery capacity:low battery alarm


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