Wireless Doorbell Camera- Outdoor Home Security Camera

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Features :

It's really easy to set up, just download the app from your app store (I used Google play store). Sign up and follow the steps to connect the doorbell to your WiFi. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

It comes 80% charged, for 14 hours charging you get it to the full 100% which should apparently last 6-8 months; it charged with a micro USB. The camera quality is great and you can use the talk function when you are out and people can hear you clearly. It has a motion sensor with 3 sensitivity levels so if you live on a busy road that lots of people walk past on, you can turn it down. You can also connect and view the camera any time not just when pressed or activated, which gives you peace of mind for when you're away and up to 4 accounts can view the doorbell which is useful for family members too.

It comes with a mounting bracket (see picture for measurements needed for screws).
You can add an SD card to record rather than just remote viewing.



Specification :

Itercom: Yes
Connection Type: Wireless
Alarm: Yes
Power: Dry battery
Feature: Photograph
Feature: Video
Display: None
Item Type: Video Doorbell
Night Vision: 6 pcs Infra-Red LED Lights
AC Power: 18-24V
PixelsLens: 166 wide-angle

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